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For the item in EarthBound, see Teddy Bear.
Teddy Clay
Sprites Teddy Teddysinging Teddydancing BBBoss
Unused sprites BBsBossFamicom
Origin Ellay
Affiliations Bla-Bla Gang
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings
Mother 1 + 2

Teddy (テディ), also known as the Boss of the BB Gang (BBだんのボス, B.B.'s Boss in EarthBound Beginnings), is an optional playable character in EarthBound Beginnings. Normally, he is the fourth character to join Ninten, as he can only join if the party consists of Ninten, Lloyd, and Ana. He usually uses physical strength as his primary weapon, along with an assortment of different swords and knives. His strongest weapon is the Katana.

As a boss, he shares his battle theme with the Hippie.


In the game, Teddy believes his parents were killed by mountain beasts, forcing him to become independent from a young age. Later on, he became the leader of the Bla-Bla Gang, a notorious gang in Ellay. He confronts Ninten, Ana, and Lloyd after their performance in the Live House, and challenges Ninten to a fight. After three turns, he decides to join Ninten's group to avenge his parents, booting Lloyd from the team. Later in the game, Ninten, Ana, and Teddy can rest at a cottage near the lake on Mt. Itoi. At this point, Ninten shares a dance with Ana, but soon afterwards, the group are attacked by R7038. The party is saved by Lloyd, but Teddy is injured, forcing Lloyd to rejoin the group.

Keeping Teddy in the PartyEdit

It is possible to complete the game with Teddy in the party instead of Lloyd. In order to do so, the player must avoid triggering the karaoke performance event in the Live House until the seventh Melody has been acquired from EVE. In order to accomplish this, the player must ascend Mt. Itoi with Lloyd still in the party and have him repair the motorboat needed to access the underwater laboratory and recruit EVE. Once EVE is in the party, either proceed as normal until R7038XX attacks the party near the mountain's peak, or attempt to backtrack in order to trigger the battle on the way back down. With EVE's melody acquired, the player can safely return to Ellay, activate the karaoke event, and recruit Teddy into the party. While visiting the healer's house on Mt. Itoi will still trigger the event that removes Teddy from the party, visiting the house is no longer necessary to complete the game.

One of the few prices to pay in preforming this technique is that if you keep Teddy, Lloyd's gadgets and weapons, such as the Super Bomb, will be rendered unusable unless the player decides to recruit Lloyd back into the party.

In the original Famicom version, another way to avoid losing Teddy is to use the Flea Bag on R7038, and after 255 turns the battle will automatically end in a draw. If this happens, the party will be invisible, and Lloyd will never arrive to take Teddy's place, making the game unwinnable if the seventh melody is not yet acquired.

In Super Smash Bros. BrawlEdit

Teddy SSBB Sticker

Teddy appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a sticker. Attaching this sticker to the bottom of any character's trophy in The Subspace Emissary increases their resistance to battering attacks by 10.


  • Teddy's equivalent in the sequel, EarthBound, is said to be Frank Fly. Both are misguided leaders of delinquent gangs who eventually see the error of their ways and support the protagonists; however, unlike Teddy, Frank is not a playable character. Also, both have the Hippie's theme play when they are fought. Another equivalent to Teddy in EarthBound is said to be Poo, although the only commonality between the two of them is their shared preference for bladed weapons in combat.
  • If Ninten refuses to let Teddy join the party three times, Ninten's Father calls and tells Ninten and co. to let Teddy join immediately. If Ninten refuses again, then his party will be teleported back to Ninten's House, regardless of whether Ninten or Ana have learned PSI Teleport.
  • Perhaps due to the game's nonlinear nature, the Family Computer version of Mother does not state if Teddy heals from his injuries, which leaves his fate unknown. In the English prototype and Mother 1 + 2, he fully recovers and sings daily at The Live Show, even if he didn't join the party.
  • Jack was his early fan-name among English fans, originating from the shop in Youngtown being named "Jack"; Teddy happens to bear a resemblance to the boy running the shop. When his real name was discovered, it was phased out.
  • Both EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound also contain a sprite used for NPCs that somewhat resembles Teddy, although the NPC sprite in EarthBound Beginnings appears considerably less muscular.
  • Teddy originally carried a knife during the boss battle against him, but this was removed during localization; the differences are shown below. His left elbow was also changed for unknown reasons.

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