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Sword of kings
Appears in EarthBound
Type Equippable
Equippable by Poo
Equip Type Weapon
Equip Bonuses Offense +30
Dropped from Starman Super (1/128 chance)
Description Poo can equip this weapon. It increases your offense.

The sword of kings in the Earthbound player's guide.

The Sword of kings is a weapon found in EarthBound. It is an extremely rare item, having a 1 in 128 (0.78125%) chance of being dropped by a Starman Super in the Stonehenge Base. The weapon's rarity is directly related to its power, as the Sword of kings is one of the only weapons that Poo can equip that increase his attack power (aside from the Yo-yos and Slingshots, which actually lower his attack power). No other characters can equip it. It is also the only "traditional" RPG weapon in the game.


In certain versions of the game, there is a bug where Starmen Supers do not drop Sword of kings.

Although it is not confirmed, some fans have said that equipping the Casey Bat may even increase the chances of the Sword of Kings dropping from Starman Super, rather than it just being a useful weapon to have equipped in Stonehenge.

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