Surprise Box
Surprise Box 1
Sprites Surprise Box Sprite 1 Surprise Box Sprite 2
Unused sprites Surprise Box Unused
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Unique
Type Mechanical
Level 30
Hit points 777
Psychic points 168
Offense 80
Defense 40
IQ 40
Speed 40
Experience reward 932
Wealth 777
Vulnerable to PK Freeze, Saltwater Gun
Location King P's room in Thunder Tower
In-battle theme Piggy Something
"More than anything, it lives to terrify people. It sometimes startles itself and bursts into laughter."
Battle Memory

The Surprise Box is an enemy encountered in Mother 3. It can only be fought once in King P's room in the Thunder Tower. Before Lucas and co. interact with it, it appears to be an immobile gift box similar to the other two in the room. However, when checked, it pops out of the box and initiates battle.

The Surprise Box is one of many enemies with unused back sprites.


The Surprise Box uses standard attacks and forgetfulness-inducing flashes; it also has access to PK Fire β. It may occasionally waste turns being surprised. Its theme is Piggy Something.

The Surprise Box is classified as a mechanical enemy, making it vulnerable to Saltwater Guns. It is also vulnerable to PK Freeze. When defeated, it grants 932 experience points and 777 DP.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 45 which falls under Code Numbers 894 for regular attack, 895 for Smaaaash! and 896 for Miss. Unlike Ten-Yeti though, it uses physical attacks rarely.

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