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Super bomb

A Super Bomb is a battle item used in the Mother series. These weapons are known to be highly-explosive, to affect other cohorts beside the intended target. These weapons are stronger than their predecessors, the Bomb, and are quite costly. Coming at prices that range from $400-$2000, it is quite useful against foes worth for One-Hit Knockouts and against Heavily defensive foes.

Debut Appearances EarthBound Beginnings EarthBound Mother 3
Description Written on the side "Beware of blast". Only Lloyd can use it. Able to dish out some heavy-duty destruction in combat. Because of its explosive power, it may effect others besides the target creature. Gone after one use. Battle item. Deals maximum to critical damage. (125~200 HP.) Stronger than their predeccessors, the Pencil Rocket and the Bomb. Gone after one use.
Buy price $1800 $399 2000 DP
Sell price $900 $199 1000 DP

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