Strong One is a battle theme in Mother 3. It usually plays when battling against strong opponents such as the Barrier Trio. It has a time signature of 15/8, and its beat pattern is somewhat tricky to perform combos with.

Strong One (Masked Man)

Strong One (Masked Man) is the harder version. It only plays during the first battle against the Masked Man, and is also used by the unused Pump Drago. It is basically the same, but at every 8th beat the last end is cut off. This makes its time signature a deadly 29/16.

Tempo cycle:

  1. 126BPM for 3 quarter notes
  2. 180BPM for 2 quarter notes
  3. 236BPM for 1 quarter note
  4. 126BPM for 1 quarter note
  5. 102BPM for 1 quarter note
  6. (repeat)