Strangeness, also known as strange feeling or feeling strange, is a status ailment in EarthBound and Mother 3.

Vapor causing Strangeness

 Known as "Confusion" in EarthBound Beginnings. Its primary effect is to give its victims a chance to attack their allies or even themselves. The victim is still in control of which action they take, but its target may be changed when it is that character's turn to attack. The chances are usually in favor of changing the target rather than keeping it, making PSI Fire extremely dangerous, as it only has two targets. It is similar to the stock confusion status many RPGs share.

In Mother 3, strangeness works differently. The victim will now either do what the player told them to do, along with keeping the right target, but they may also do something completely different, such as using an item despite being told to attack.

In Mother 3, this Status ailment also affect the character's movement out of battle, and after walking a short time the player return to normality.

Strangeness can be caused by Brainshock and occasionally by PSI Flash. The enemies Mr. Batty, Elder Batty and Mole Playing Rough (EarthBound only) also possess the ability to make themselves feel strange. In EarthBound, it can be cured by Cup of Lifenoodles, Horn of Life, Refreshing Herb, Secret Herb, a physical hit, and PSI Healing β; in Mother 3, it can be healed with Healing and with a Paper Fan.

See Also

  • Mushroomized is a similar status ailment that can also affect the character's movement out of battle.