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Stonehenge (ストーンヘンジ, also spelled Stone Henge) is an area in Winters in EarthBound. Caveboys and Mighty Bear Sevens can be found here. The Stonehenge Base is underneath the formation. Dr. Andonuts's laboratory is to the south of Stonehenge.

Concept ArtEdit

Stonehenge Concept

In the Mother 1+2 Art Book, concept art of Stonehenge appeared showing massive changes from the original design to the final result; there was originally only one upright pillar, and Jeff can be seen with his fallen Bicycle and backpack behind him, which cannot happen in the game. The entrance to Stonehenge Base is also not apparent.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Stonehenge is an actual place in Wiltshire, England. It is believed that Pretons gathered there for various ceremonies during pagan times.

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