Stone Sheet Clippers

The sprites of stone, sheet, and clippers

"Yup. This Lucas fellow will play Stone-Sheet-Clippers with us. If he beats all five of us in a row, you'll go. But if he loses even once, you'll stay in the DCMC and keep on playing the bass. How's that sound?"

Stone-Sheet-Clippers is a game that the DCMC play whenever they are not sure what to do and need to ask destiny. It is extremely similar to the game Rock-Paper-Scissors, with stone beating clippers, clippers beating sheet, and sheet beating stone. When Lucas is playing against a member of the band, the three symbols for stone, sheet, and clippers float in the air near Lucas and the player has to press the arrow in the direction of the desired choice, with the chosen symbol appearing above Lucas's head and the others disappearing.

After Lucas and Boney jump down from Club Titiboo's attic, Kumatora in her disguise as Violet tells Lucas that she just finished explaining everything to the band members. The DCMC do not seem to know what to do, as Lucky still does not remember that he was once Duster. He tells Kumatora what he does remember, but he is conflicted because he only ever remembers being Lucky, and that either the band member or Duster will cease to exist after today. Since he cannot decide, the band suggests leaving the decision up to destiny with Stone-Sheet-Clippers.

While OJ states that all five band members must be defeated in a row, each DCMC member knows that they all usually pick the same first move and give hints as to who picks what (Baccio and Lucky always pick clippers, Magic and Shimmy Zmizz always pick stone, and OJ always picks sheet). If Lucas picks a move resulting in a tie, the game continues. However, if Lucas should lose by the rules of the game, the member being battled insists that something went wrong and that it should be done again. After Lucas defeats the other four members of the DCMC, he battles OJ, who is faced last because he is the band leader. OJ tells Lucas that he should use clippers to win, in which Lucas has a different animation and sound. After Lucas has won against all five band members, Kumatora runs to change back into her regular clothes, and Duster joins Lucas's party to go find the Egg of Light.

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