Stinky Ghost
StinkyghostIn-Battle Stinky Ghost
Akushū Gōsuto
Sprites TrashcanOverworld Stinky Ghost
Affiliations Ghosts
Appears in Mother 3, EarthBound
Hit points 444
Psychic points 0
Offense 90
Defense 179
Speed 18
Guts 4
Experience reward 13179
Wealth $541
Drops Large Pizza (2/128 chance)
Location Fourside Sewers
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Nom de guerre Smelly Ghost
Level 14
Hit points 125
Psychic points 0
Offense 48
Defense 10
IQ 18
Speed 22
Experience reward 35
Wealth 0 DP
Drops Rotten Eclair (50%)
Vulnerable to Fire, Crying, Duster's Special Attacks
Location 1st Floor of Osohe Castle
In-battle theme Dangerous Guys
"Some ghosts in Osohe Castle are understanding and kindhearted, but these ones are plain ol' mean."
Battle Memory
"These Spectres shouldn't be too difficult to dissipate. You can avoid their burping attacks by pinning them down with your wall staples. Drops Rotten Eclair (50%)."
Mother 3 Guidebook

Stinky Ghosts are enemies in Mother 3 and EarthBound, although they appear differently in both games. They are found in the Fourside Sewers in EarthBound, where they can drop Large Pizzas, and chiefly in Mother 3's Osohe Castle, where they can drop Rotten Eclairs.

Mother 3

Stinky Ghosts are formidable undead spirits that use standard attacks, inflict status ailments, and call for their cohorts. They are invisible at first, and, once approached, flicker into view and begin chasing their enemy. They may also pop out of some gifts and exhale their stinky breath, thus causing the Nausea status ailment. They are weak to Fire, Crying, and Duster's abilities. Their battle theme is More Dangerous Guys. They cannot be fought after the Pigmask Army appears, and their only other appearance is in Chapter 7 in the secret path near Aeolia's house. Their sprites bear a strong resemblance to the Zombie Possessor from EarthBound.

Their battle sound is Battle Sound 42 which is used exclusively by them and falls under Code Numbers 885 for regular attack, 886 for Smaaaash! and 887 for Miss.

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