Sticky Slug
Relatives Slimy Slug
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Level 48
Hit points 338
Psychic points 118
Offense 138
Defense 45
IQ 69
Speed 45
Experience reward 936
Wealth 74
Drops Saltwater Gun 5%
Vulnerable to Strangeness, PK Fire, bombs
In-battle theme Back Beat Battle

Sticky Slugs are enemies in Mother 3. Similar to Slimy Slugs, they cling to the ceiling, and only drop off during a battle with one already on the ground. When battling large groups of them, it is advised to use PK Fire to dispose of them quickly.

Like the Slimy Slug, its battle sound is Battle Sound 20 which falls under Code Numbers 496 for regular attack, 497 for Smaaaash! and 498 for Miss.

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