Starmen.Net, named after the EarthBound enemy Starman, is the largest EarthBound fan community on the web.


Initially known as Earthbound.Net, the site was founded by Tomato and reidman in 1999. The site mostly focused on EarthBound information and fanworks, but the site also took action with petitions, such as a petition for EarthBound Beginnings to be released on the Game Boy Color, and petitions for Mother 3 to be made. Eventually, they started NP Sieges, where the fans wrote letters to Nintendo Power, in order to show Nintendo how much they wanted an EarthBound sequel to be released.

After the release of Mother 3 in Japan, Starmen.Net bombarded Nintendo of America with phone calls and letters in order to get the game released in the US. Another effort included getting EarthBound released on the Wii's Virtual Console.

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