The Starman Super is an enemy encountered in EarthBound, which is a palette swap of the Starman. Starman Supers are upgraded Starmen that can only be found in the Stonehenge Base, and they disappear after the Starman Deluxe is defeated, leaving a set window of opportunity to encounter them. The Starman Super is similar in appearance to the Last Starman in EarthBound Beginnings.

They always start the battle with PSI Shield β, and can fire a beam, call for a Starman to join the battle, guard, use another PSI Shield β, and use Healing Ω, which can revive defeated allies. They can be fought in combination with many other enemies found in the Stonehenge Base, and are known for being the only enemy that drops the Sword of Kings, the ultimate and only weapon that Poo can equip; however, the chances of a Starman Super dropping the Sword of Kings is 1/128.

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