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Starman Junior
sutāman no musuko
Sprites StarmanjrStarman JuniorStarman Overworld
Origin Outer Space
Relatives Starmen
Affiliations Giygas
Appears in Mother
Nom de guerre Starman Jr.
Hit points 52
Psychic points 16
Offense 32
Defense 52
Fight 35
Speed 35
Wisdom 20
Strength 18
Force 30
Experience reward 30
Wealth $5
Location Zoo
Description He is small, but it is obvious that he is a spaceman.
Hit points 200
Psychic points 999
Offense 11
Defense 10
Speed 1
Guts 0
Experience reward 16
Wealth $20
Vulnerable to Brainshock
Location Onett
"It's been a long time, Buzz Buzz. You've been successful at foiling Master Giygas' plans. But... Buzz Buzz, you must now surrender. You're no longer a hero, but just a useless insect. I'll stomp you hard!"
— Starman Junior (EarthBound)

Starman Junior is a boss character found in Mother and EarthBound. It is the weakest model among the Starmen.

In MotherEdit

"Strong against heat
Strong against cold
Strong against thunder
It may be small but it's clearly an alien
— In-battle check

Starman Jr. is the second boss in the game, and is the cause of the animals in the Podunk Zoo going wild and attacking people. It is found within a giant capsule floating in the middle of the zoo superintendent's office. Starman Junior utilizes very strong physical attacks and a variety of PK Beam attacks, although its PK Beam γ will be reflected back at it if Ninten has the Franklin Badge. After the Starman Junior is defeated, it flies away in the capsule, returning the animals back to normal.

In EarthBoundEdit

Starman Junior, known as Son of Starman in Japan, is revealed to have followed Buzz Buzz, a mysterious survivor of an enslaved Earth ten years in the future, back to Ness's time, and a battle ensues, after which Starman Junior falls. Despite Starman Junior's arsenal of PSI attacks, Buzz Buzz's repeated usage of PSI Shield Σ will neutralize any attempts to harm Ness and co. The Starman Junior can be defeated by Picky Minch in EarthBound if it only has one or two Hit Points left when Picky attacks. It can also only be lost to if Ness manages to use Shield during the battle (learned at level 12), which will override Buzz Buzz's PSI Shields and only weaken physical damage to himself. There is an unused sprite in EarthBound that strongly resembles the capsule the Starman Jr. escaped in after it's defeat in Mother 1. Starman Junior's last line of dialogue "I'll stomp you hard!" is used by one of the Frightbots during their invasion of Saturn Valley in Mother 3.

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