Squawking Stick
Sprites Squawking Stick
Relatives Squawking Boomstick
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Level 15
Hit points 160
Psychic points 30
Offense 49
Defense 20
IQ 25
Speed 35
Experience reward 25
Wealth 20 DP
Drops Stick, Good Stick
Vulnerable to Feeling strange, PK Fire
Location Railroad Area
In-battle theme Even Drier Guys

Squawking Sticks are immobile enemies that appear in Mother 3. They appear on the path to the Clayman Factory in Chapter 4. Squawking Sticks usually appear by trees, and a couple of them guard gift boxes. In battle, it can peck at Lucas and the party, use PSI techniques, and often squawks loudly to call other enemies. They have a rare chance to drop a "Good Stick". They remain in the same area until Chapter 7, where they are replaced by the Squawking Boomstick.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 27 which falls under Code Numbers 517 for regular attack, 518 for Smaaaash! and 519 for Miss.

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