Spineless Lobster
Lobster Spineless 1 Lobster Spineless 2
Sprites Spineless Lobster Sprite 1 Spineless Lobster Sprite 2
Relatives Rock Lobster
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Common
Level 13
Hit points 80
Psychic points 6
Offense 42
Defense 24
IQ 14
Speed 8
Experience reward 40
Wealth 0 DP
Drops Beef Jerky (20% chance)
Vulnerable to Sleep, PK Freeze
Location Tunnel between Nippolyte's shack and Osohe Castle
In-battle theme More Cumbersome Guys
"An overgrown crawfish. Those big pincers are so handy, they could shear a sheep near-bald."
Battle Memory

Spineless Lobsters are enemies in Mother 3, found in the tunnel between Nippolyte's shack and Osohe Castle in Chapter 2: Thief Adventure. If they feel the need to move quickly, a pair of legs extends underneath themselves and they begin to run.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 34 which falls under Code Numbers 861 for regular attack, 862 for Smaaaash! and 863 for Miss.

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