Appears in EarthBound Beginnings
Country America
Music Snowman
Notable Inhabitants Ana and her family
Enemies Polar Bear, Silver Wolf, Lone Wolf, Big Foot
Snowman is a remote town in EarthBound Beginnings, located at the bottom rightmost portion of the map. Ana joins your party here after given her lost hat. The most simple way to get here is via the Paradise Line.

Villagers wearing blue clothing will automatically give Ninten a cold if they are spoken to.


  • Snowman Convenience Store


  • Snowman is similar to Winters in the sense that both have a cold climate and are home to the third main character met; in this case, Ana.
  • Snowman, along with Reindeer, the only towns that didn't have their names changed in the localization.
  • It is possible to travel to Snowman on foot, if one is willing to deal with the enemies in the train tunnels.

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