Smilin' Sam is an enemy in EarthBound. They are palette swaps of the Handsome Tom, except with white-pink skin color, blonde hair, white eyes, green-checkered shirt, green scarf, green pants, red shoes and white glove; the two enemies share a battle theme. Smilin' Sams are encountered by Ness and Paula in the roads during their first visit to Threed, and often appear in battle with Handsome Toms or Trick or Trick Kids.


Their standard attacks deal moderate damage, and they also utilize different PSI from their counterparts; specifically, Smilin' Sams can perform Lifeup α and DefenseDown α. While Smilin' Sams have much more HP and Defense than their counterparts, it is the less powerful of the two. It is vulnerable to PSI Fire (being a wooden puppet), Brainshock and PSI Flash.