Slimy Slug
Slimy Slug
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Level 18
Hit points 167
Psychic points 40
Offense 64
Defense 8
IQ 26
Speed 12
Experience reward 38
Wealth 15 DP
Drops Sprinting Bomb (5%)
Vulnerable to Strangeness, PK Fire
Location Below Club Titiboo
In-battle theme Back Beat Battle - Hard

Slimy Slugs are enemies encountered in Mother 3. They are encountered in the tunnel from Club Titiboo's lobby to Violet's employee lounge. They are very easy to defeat, especially if the player is at a high level, and are a good source of quick experience and DP. One should also note that they can use Hypnosis α and a vacuum attack which depletes the Offense and Defense of any one party member. Other Slimy Slugs will frequently drop down from the ceiling while Lucas is already battling one("A Slimy Slug dropped from the ceiling!").

Like the tougher Sticky Slug, its battle sound is Battle Sound 20 which falls under Code Numbers 496 for regular attack, 497 for Smaaaash! and 498 for Miss.

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