Sky Titany
Sky Titany
Sprites Sky Titany Sprite
Relatives Titany, Titanian
Affiliations Chimera Laboratory
Pigmask Army
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Type Biological Chimera
Level 38
Hit points 486
Psychic points 200
Offense 121
Defense 70
IQ 35
Speed 43
Experience reward 946
Wealth 245 DP
Drops Saltwater Gun 5%
Vulnerable to PK Freeze
Location Volcano
In-battle theme Back Beat Battle - Hard
"The silhouette of this Titany's stretched wings against the starry night is a sight to behold." - Battle Memory

The Sky Titany is a chimera enemy in Mother 3. It looks much like an ordinary Titany with wings. Although the titanian has more defense, the Sky Titany has more HP and PP, as well as offense. Its battle music is Back Beat Battle - Hard. Its battle sound is Battle Sound 13 which is used for all Titanies falls under Code Numbers 475 for regular attack, 476 for Smaaaash! and 477 for Miss.

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