For the Skip Sandwich's more powerful version, see Skip Sandwich DX.
"Yum yum... mmm... I'm eating a skip sandwich. It makes you want to start skipping! I saw it on a TV ad, and I just had to try one. I'll bet I can really move after eating this..."
— Girl in Twoson's Department Store

The Skip Sandwich is an HP recovery item in EarthBound. When a character eats it, they recover 6 HP. If this is used in the overworld, it has the additional effect of making the entire party increase their moving speed to a run for ten seconds. There is a related item called the Skip Sandwich DX that restores an equal amount of HP, but lets the party run in the overworld for twenty seconds.

Skip Sandwiches can be obtained in many places: they are sold in Onett, Twoson, Happy Happy Village, Threed, the Dusty Dunes Desert, and Fourside for $38, they can be dropped by defeated Farm Zombies and Li'l UFOs with a 1/16 and 1/32 chance respectively, they can be won from the Slot Machine Brothers, and they can be found in several Gift boxes and a Trash Can.


The Skip Sandwich, along with the Skip Sandwich DX, can be used as part of a glitch which allows the player to jump from the bottom to the top of certain cliffs. To do this, eat the Skip Sandwich, then go to a cliff and move around a lot in a nook on the cliffside.

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