Luxury skelpion figure
Sprites Skelpion Skelpion battle sprite
Relatives Dread Skelpion
Appears in EarthBound
Status Normal
Hit points 137
Psychic points 21
Offense 41
Defense 23
Speed 37
Guts 80
Experience reward 1823
Wealth $140
Drops Vial of Serum (1/32 chance)
Vulnerable to Hypnosis
Location Dusty Dunes Desert

The Skelpion is an enemy in EarthBound. They are gray, skull-faced scorpions that are located in the Dusty Dunes Desert.

A stronger relative, the Dread Skelpion, is found in Scaraba.


Skelpions can poison party members with its stinger, waste a turn by edging closer, and use PSI Thunder α. The Skelpion also has rather high Guts, and may land a few smash hits on party members.

It is vulnerable to Hypnosis, which can stop it from poisoning the party. It drops a vial of serum upon defeat.

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