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"One of a kind! See the amazing Singing Monkey!"
— The Pen's Sign

The Singing Monkey of Choucream Zoo is a character that appears in Mother. This particular animal of the Zoo holds the tune to the third of the Eight Melodies.

Before defeating Starman JuniorEdit

If Ninten visits the Singing Monkey's pen before the Starman Junior emitting the odd sound (driving the animals in the zoo berserk, as a result) is defeated, the monkey will not be in the pen. However, he will be waiting in another entrance of the zoo. The reason why the monkey is not present in his pen during this time remains hazy, though it is possible the sound also drove the monkey insane.

After defeating Starman JuniorEdit

When Starman Junior is defeated by Ninten, and stopping the odd noise in the process, Ninten can now do one of two things: he can either proceed on ahead to where the entrance of Magicant lies and return here when he and Ana learn teleportation from the Garrickson baby, or he can go back to the pen to find the monkey there, check the sign, and have the monkey sing the third of the Eight Melodies.

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