Shattered Man
Shattered Man
Hibiwareta Otoko
Sprites Tomb
Appears in EarthBound, Mother 1 + 2
Status Normal
Hit points 694
Psychic points 0
Offense 104
Defense 138
Speed 18
Guts 25
Experience reward 44690
Wealth $2630
Drops Mummy Wrap (64/128 chance)
Location Summers museum
"When you go upstairs to read the Hieroglyph in the museuem, you'll run into a really old man wrapped in rags. He'll pop out of his coffin to attack you. When you defeat him, he'll leave behind some Mummy Wrap."
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Shattered Man is an enemy in EarthBound that appears the Summers museum. It has a high defense stat, and is often grouped with others of its kind. It is capable of solidifying party members by giving targets "a great big hug" and reaching out with it's icy hand. Upon defeat, the Shattered Man has a 1/2 (or technically a 64/128) probability of dropping Mummy Wrap. The foe is also extremely weak to Paralysis. The Shattered Man is the key element in a game-breaking glitch; if the player only defeats one of the two Shattered Men and then dies to the other at the end of the game, the game will crash. This glitch was later fixed in Mother 1 + 2.

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