Pogo punk

The Sharks are a gang in EarthBound, located in Onett and led by Frank Fly. They are notorious for the troubles they've caused around Onett, being the main reason many of the townspeople moved to Twoson. They had invaded the local arcade, leading to trouble for the inhabitants of Onett. After Frank Fly and Frankystein Mark II are defeated, they shape up, and most of them leave.

The group is composed of three sub-groups: The Yes Men Jr., the Skate Punks, and the Pogo Punks. Most of the Sharks have a distinctive sharkfin on top of their heads, which in most cases appear to be formed from either mohawks or helmets. Strangely, while their in-battle sprites are each different colors, they all share the same out of battle sprite. The Sharks will always drop Hamburgers upon defeat, which prove handy at this point in the game.

After Frank Fly's defeat, the remaining Sharks still thrive in the video game arcade, and will not bother Ness any more. Frank Fly on the other hand, will offer HP and PP restoration for free.

Re-entering the 1st room of the video game arcade, one of them chases Ness only to say: "Yeah?"


  • The Sharks share their names with one of the gangs from the musical West Side Story, which may provide a basis for their etymology.

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