Sea of Eden

The Sea of Eden

"The Sea of Eden is filled with ultimate intelligence. You can't go there unless you're truly ready. It's a place where you can touch the truth of the universe. Going there may bring sorrow."
Star Master (in Ness's Magicant)

The Sea of Eden is a location in EarthBound. It is situated in the center of Magicant, inside Ness's subconscious. It can only be reached by a curled tentacle in the northern area of Magicant, is filled with purple water and has large spikes protruding from the bottom of the sea. The only enemies here are three Krakens and Ness's Nightmare. Its name is possibly inspired by the Old Testament's biblical location, the "Garden of Eden."

The EarthBound Player's Guide incorrectly states that the Gutsy Bat has a 1/128 chance of being dropped by the Krakens in the Sea of Eden. They are actually dropped by Bionic Krakens in the Cave of the Past which can be fought repeatedly, unlike the Krakens that do not reappear after being defeated.