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"A story is a series of memories. Memories are remembered with other memories, and in turn become memories themselves. If you don't take care to preserve your memories, you'll forget them. So, please tell us frogs your memories of everything so far... That is what people refer to as "saving". Now, then... *hop* Save your game?"
— Save Frog
Save Frogs
Sprites Savefrogs
Also known as Ghost Frog, Magical Butterfrog Fairy
Location Multiple locations in the Nowhere Islands
Appears in Mother 3

Save Frogs are characters in Mother 3. They allow the player to save their gameplay progress, and from the fourth chapter of the game onward, these frogs also allow Lucas and friends to withdraw or deposit Dragon Power, the currency in the game. The function of Save Frogs in Mother 3 replaces the telephones used to save progress and the Automatic Teller Machines used to manage money in previous installments of the Mother series. There are many different versions of the Save Frog, including a ghost frog, a driving frog, and a magic butterfrog (the latter does not seem particularly happy about its name). Save Frogs are somewhat humorous by design, and as a result appear in appropriate situations; for example, in an encounter on Tanetane Island, when Lucas and the party eat the Hallucination Mushrooms on Tanetane Island, the Save Frog that was eaten by a snake is now inside an umbrella.

Location of Save FrogsEdit

Tazmily VillageEdit

  • Outside Lucas's house
  • At the northern exit of the town square (Chapters 1-3)
  • In the town square driving a car (as of Chapter 4)
  • In a wheelchair on the second floor of the senior home (as of Chapter 4); this one has gray hair and speaks in a stereotypically old manner, i.e. confusing some words for others (like save and shave)
  • On Cerulean Beach

Sunshine ForestEdit

  • Next to the shrine
  • Upstream east
  • Outside Lighter and Fuel's house

Drago PlateauEdit

Osohe CastleEdit

  • In the front courtyard
  • In the room before the Hot Spring on the west wing of the first floor
  • As a ghost frog in the room before descending down into the basement

Death Desert (Chapter 3 only)Edit

  • Inside a barrel in the beginning of the level
  • Inside a whirlpool of sand in the north (must defeat Great Antlion to use)


Murasaki ForestEdit

Club TitibooEdit

  • Outside Club Titiboo
  • In the men's restroom in the west wing of the lobby
  • Inside the concert hall
  • In the room with the mice dining in the attic
  • Inside Violet's room
  • Inside Lucky's room


Thunder TowerEdit

  • Inside Porky's room
  • Just before Mr. Genetor's room

Chimera LaboratoryEdit

  • Inside the lobby
  • Inside the museum on the west wing of the first floor (as a stuffed frog)

Snowcap MountainEdit

  • Outside the Mole Cricket Hole
  • On the top of the mountain between the Item Guy and the Hot Spring

Saturn ValleyEdit

  • In the village, hanging from a balloon
  • Outside Phrygia's house

Tanetane IslandEdit

Argilla Pass Edit

  • Near the entrance to Argilla Pass where you lose the Jar of Yummy Pickles
  • Near the Argilla Pass Hot Spring.
  • Before Ionia's House

New Pork CityEdit

  • Inside the limousine
  • Next to the landing spot of the limousine
  • On the floor below Leder's room in the sewers
  • Inside the movie theater
  • Outside the Empire Porky Building

Empire Porky BuildingEdit

  • Outside the elevator on the 24th floor
  • Inside the concert hall on the 24th floor
  • Outside the elevator in the Porky's Fan Room level
  • Outside the elevator in the Hippo Launcher Level
  • Outside the elevator in the Restroom Level
  • In the last hallway of the Restroom Level
  • On the stairs after the first game with the Porky-bot
  • On the stairs after the second game with the Porky-bot
  • On the stairs after the third game with the Porky-bot
  • In the room before fighting the Natural Killer Cyborg
  • Outside the elevator in the Laboratory Level
  • Inside one of the test tubes in the Laboratory Level
  • Outside the elevator in the basement
  • Next to the Hot Spring before the boss fight with Masked Man


  • At the end of every Chapter

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