For Saturn Valley as it appears in EarthBound, see Saturn Valley (EarthBound).
Mother 3 Saturn Valley
Saturn Valley
Game Mother 3
Location Eastern Nowhere Islands
Language Saturnian

"Mr. Saturn Theme Z"

"Mr. What's-His-Nose"

"War of the Words"

"we humming"

Saturn Valley (どせいだに doseidani) is a village in Mother 3, home to most of the Mr. Saturns in the Nowhere Islands. The Mr. Saturn in Mother 3 take part in a variety of activities, such as playing 'Ladder', where five Mr. Saturn sit on top of each other and try to balance, and catching birds using red balloons tied to their noses. Lucas gets to Saturn Village by riding a large wooden table in the shape of a Mr. Saturn (which can also be seen in Super Smash Bros Brawl and in Super Smash Bros for 3ds/Wii U). When Lucas and company arrive, the Mr. Saturns are being held hostage by the Pigmask Army, using Frightbots to tell the Mr. Saturns scary stories in an attempt to learn the location of one of the Needles from them. When Lucas and friends save the Mr. Saturns, they help Lucas and his friends get to the next Needle in Fire Mountain, as well as later helping them go back to Tazmily by means of a massive birdcage filled with red birds. (Note: You can go to Saturn Valley before Kumatora rejoins the party. After you receive a call from a Pigmask before you head to the Lab go back to the Grave Yard and look for the Note that says "This way." And you'll be able to head to Saturn Valley and rescue Duster before Kumatora rejoins the Party.)

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