"Dung Beetles clean up their messes. In return, they eat the Dung Beetles. Not exactly a fair trade."
Battle Memory

Sand Lizards are enemies in Mother 3. They are seen during Salsa's trek in the Death Desert, often near Dung Beetles.


Sand Lizards are unremarkable, only using the standard attack and simply looking Salsa's way otherwise. They frequently drop Nut Bread when defeated.

As indicated by the Battle Memory, if a Sand Lizard and Dung Beetle are in the same party, the reptile will fix its stare on the beetle before eating it the next turn, defeating it and robbing Salsa of its experience.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 5 and falls under Code Numbers 451 for regular attack, 452 for Smaaaash! and 453 for Miss. Like most Death Desert enemies, it uses its battle sound exclusively.