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Rotten Eclair
Rotten Eclair
Appears in Mother 3
Dropped from Zombie Man (10% chance), Zombie Lady (10% chance), Stinky Ghost (50% chance)
Description A favorite among ghosts. Not recommended for the living.
A Rotten Eclair is an item in Mother 3. It can only be used to make trades with certain Osohe ghosts or sold for 1 DP. They can be given by a ghost to the right of the banquet room's table (by answering 'Yes' the first time and 'No' every other time), or dropped by a Zombie Man, Zombie Lady, or Stinky Ghost (10% chance, 10% chance, and 50% chance, respectively).


  • The Ghost Bazaar merchant on the first floor of Osohe Castle will trade Rotten Eclairs for items.
  • A ghost on the second floor will trade Rotten Eclairs for Beef Jerky.
  • They can be sold for 1 DP.

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