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The Rosemary's house (ローズマリーさんのやしき, lit. Rosemary's Manor or Rosemary's Mansion) is a dungeon in EarthBound Beginnings. The manor, consisting of a maze-like hive of rooms and several descending stairwells, sits atop a hill in the haunted town of Spookane. The manor can only be accessed with the Ghost Key, obtained from a citizen of Spookane in the residential area of town. Many strong enemies reside in the Manor such as Dust Balls and Alarm Ghosts. The basement contains a haunted piano which will play a fragment of Maria 's melody when examined by Ninten.


  • The name Rosemary could refer to the American horror film Rosemary's Baby. Supporting this possibility is a Spookane citizen who exclaims "I don't like the little Rosemary girl." suggesting that the Rosemary family did indeed have a child that may or may not have been troublesome or even paranormal herself. This fits in with other efforts in the series to appeal to the players' knowledge of popular culture.

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