Rooound Fish
Rooound Fish 1 Rooound Fish 2
Sprites Rooound Fish Sprite
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Common
Level 45
Hit points 531
Psychic points 124
Offense 123
Defense 64
IQ 35
Speed 46
Experience reward 720
Wealth 93
Drops Magic Gelatin (5% chance)
Vulnerable to Sleep, PK Flash
Location Ocean floor between Cerulean Beach and Tanetane Island
In-battle theme Mambo de Battle Plus
"Has five eyeballs. Two are on its back. Has only one mouth... but, wait, that's normal."
Battle Memory

Rooound Fish are enemies in Mother 3 that appear in the underwater area between Cerulean Beach and Tanetane Island.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 37 which falls under Code Numbers 870 for regular attack, 871 for Smaaaash! and 872 for Miss.

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