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Rock CandyEdit

Buy Price: $38
Sell Price: $19
Comments: Permanently increases one attribute by 1.

This is an item found in EarthBound and its rerelease in Mother 1+2. Its description reads "When you eat this, it will increase either Speed, Guts, Vitality, IQ, or Luck."


  • There is a glich in EarthBound (removed in Mother 1+2) where the Rock Candy can be used multiple times. To do so, one of Ness' party has to have at least one condiment, and a Rock Candy in the last spot in their inventory. Entering a battle and using the Rock Candy on anyone results in the Rock Candy remaining and only the condiment being used. Both Sugar and a Jar of Delisauce double the regular effect and are therefore the best to use in the glitch. However, this glitch can fail; adding anything to a statistic of 255 results in it being reset down to zero, and odd effects have been noted with having an HP or PP stat increase past 999.
  • Named after the Rock Candy item, some fans of the Mother series made six albums of music as a tribute to the series. Their music can be found here.

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