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Rock and Roll (Mild)
MOTHER 3- Rock and Roll (Mild)01:17

MOTHER 3- Rock and Roll (Mild)

Sound Player number 143
Code number 169
Heartbeat code number 1796
Tempo 176 BPM
Enemies Gently Weeping Guitar, Scrapped Robot, The Squeekz

Rock and Roll (Mild) is a battle theme in Mother 3. It is by far the fastest regular battle theme in the game, with 176 beats per minute. Due to this, the speed at which the player needs to make combos is significantly faster. As the name implies, this tune is based on Rock and Roll, and usually plays when dueling against musical instruments like the Gently Weeping Guitar. This song is very similar to EarthBound's New Age Retro Hippie theme.

Rock and Roll (Spicy)Edit

Rock and Roll (Spicy)
MOTHER 3- Rock and Roll (Spicy)01:24

MOTHER 3- Rock and Roll (Spicy)

Sound Player number 144
Code number 1169
Heartbeat code number 1869
Tempo 176 BPM
Other tempo 116 BPM from 0:21 to 0:23, 0:35 to 0:40
Enemies Fish Roe Man, Jealous Bass, Return of Octobot, Screwloose

Rock and Roll (Spicy) is the even harder version of the above song. It plays when battling against enemies like the Jealous Bass or Return of Octobot. It is quite similar to Rock and Roll (Mild), but certain parts have a certain drum fill with a slower beat that must be hit according to the beat during these fills.

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