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Right Left Light Reft
A theme in which Pigmasks practice their occasional march. Relatively short.
Sound Player number 171
Code number 44
Tempo 120 BPM

Right Left Light Reft (a play on the phrase "Right Left, Right Left"), is an outside-of-battle theme that is heard mainly from the Pigmask Army. This theme first appears in Chapter 7 in the Pigmask light training facility, which Lucas and Boney fall into. The Pigmask Soldiers and Pigmask Majors march in time to this theme and beat. It loosely consists a sonata of trumpets, and seems off-tempo.

This theme is one of the many variations on LOG-O-TYPE.


  • Despite not being used in-battle, this theme actually uses the "current tempo" variable (i.e. a constant 120 BPM).

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