Return of Octobot
Return of Octobot Return of Octobot 2
Sprites Return of Octobot Sprite
Origin Modeled after the Ultimate Octobot
Relatives Ultimate Octobot (EarthBound)
Affiliations Pigmask Army
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Common Enemy
Level 57
Hit points 777
Psychic points 0
Offense 128
Defense 78
IQ 35
Speed 58
Experience reward 3164
Wealth 432
Drops Rich Parfait (15% chance)
Vulnerable to PK Flash
PK Thunder
Location Laboratory Level of the Empire Porky Building
In-battle theme Rock and Roll (Spicy)
"Modeled after the Ultimate Octobot. But where did they manage to find an Ultimate Octobot?"
Battle Memory

The Return of Octobot is an enemy in Mother 3. It is found on the Laboratory Level of the Empire Porky Building and is modeled after the Ultimate Octobot; the only major differences are their colors and overworld sprite. The Return of Octobot retains the Ultimate Octobot's ability to attack and steal food. Even though it is modeled after the Ultimate Octobot, it isn't as powerful.

His battle sound is Battle Sound 3 which falls under Code Numbers 445 for regular attack, 446 for Smaaaash! and 447 for Miss. However, because he never uses regular attacks that play a battle sound on his own, Kumatora must use Brainshock on it to get it to use a regular attack.

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