Appears in EarthBound Beginnings
Country America
Music Bein' Friends, Pollyanna
Reindeer is a town in EarthBound Beginnings. It can be reached via The Paradise Line or by running through the tunnel. The fare costs $16 to ride. The town of Spookane borders Reindeer.


Reindeer is an optional town filled with NPCs. Among them, there is commotion about a town to the east called Spookane, which has been infested with ghosts. In the northern portion of Reindeer, a man can be found, whom has lost his dentures. A sign to the left of his home states that dentures can be found underneath the sign. After you give the dentures to the old man, he fills everyone in your party's inventory with Mouthwash. Talking to some of the residents causes the player to catch a cold, which the Mouthwash can be used to cure.


  • It may be an intentional pun that Reindeer and the town of Snowman are very close by.
  • Reindeer, along with Snowman, the only towns that didn't have their names changed in the localization.

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