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Lucas using Refresh.

Refresh is a PSI ability in Mother 3. In battle, it restores 10% of all conscious party members' hit points per turn, for the duration of five turns. One of the main tactical uses of the ability is that if a character's hit points are reduced to 0 by an attack, as long as they are given a turn to act before their hit point meter rolls down to 0, they will have 10% of their hit points restored, preventing their being knocked unconscious. As their HP gets lower, however, this becomes harder to do. It is one of the few PSI abilities in the game to lack varying levels. Refresh is learned in Mother 3 by Lucas.

In Mother 3Edit

Users PP Cost Target Effect Description
Lucas level 58 20 To all of us Restores 10% of HP each turn for 5 turns Heals whoever is alive by 10% for an interval of five turns.

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