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Red Snake
Red Snake
Relatives Snake
Status Normal
Type Normal
Hit points 150
Psychic points 0
Offense 50
Defense 160
Fight 90
Speed 100
Wisdom 60
Strength 60
Force 40
Experience reward 500
Wealth $330
Drops Magic Coin
Location Easter
"Good experience, if it doesn't run."
— In-game description

Red Snakes are enemies in Mother. They can be encountered near Youngtown and around Halloween. They are similar to the Snake and Rattlesnake enemies, however, they are prone to fleeing. If you manage to defeat one before it flees, it grants a lot of EXP. But in the Japanese version, they give players only 167 EXP, making it useless. It has a chance of dropping a Magic Coin. A similar, toothless nicer version of it with a similar hue, is the Rope Snake (as it is somewhat the fightless version of the Red Snake and can be purchased by the Merchant Ghost in Osohe Castle, as a weapon for Duster in Mother 3.)

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