Reconstructed Lion
Reconstructed Lion Battle
Sprites Reconstructed Lion
Origin Chimera Lab
Relatives Almost Mecha Lion

Mecha Lion

Affiliations Pigmask Army
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Type Mechanical Chimera
Level 25
Hit points 325
Psychic points 0
Offense 87
Defense 27
IQ 23
Speed 32
Experience reward 96
Wealth 62
Drops Sprinting Bomb 5%
Vulnerable to Sleep, PK Thunder
Location Highway

Unknown Valley

In-battle theme Tough Zombeat

Reconstructed Lions are enemies in Mother 3.

They appear as disembodied Lion heads rebuilt onto various tentacles. In battle, they can breath fire, use a biting attack

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 31 which falls under Code Numbers 852 for regular attack, 853 for Smaaaash! and 854 for Miss. It shares this battle sound with the other lion enemies in the game.


Reconstructed Lions appear as disembodied lion heads with mechanical tentacles replacing the body. This enemy is found by Lucas and co. in the Chimera Lab.

Battle MemoryEdit

As a lion, its bite and roar are expected. The coiling and the fire-breathing thing, not so much.

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