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Reconstructed Caribou
Reconstructed Caribou Battle
Sprites Reconstructed Caribou
Affiliations Pigmask Army
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Boss
Type Mechanical chimera
Level 15
Hit points 512
Psychic points 0
Offense 57
Defense 21
IQ 12
Speed 16
Experience reward 112
Wealth 0
Vulnerable to PK Flash
Wall Staples
Thunder Bomb
Location Sunshine Forest
In-battle theme Tragic Reconstruction
"Someone has modified this gentle reindeer to make it aggressive."
Battle Memory

The Reconstructed Caribou is a boss in Mother 3 that is encountered in Chapter 1. It was originally just a regular caribou, seen fleeing the burning forest in the opening cutscene. The Pigmask Army captured it, along with several other animals, and turned them into chimeras.

Flint's party (him, Duster, and Boney) encounter two Pigmasks in the process of finishing their work on the chimera; one of them drops the Pig Mark Notebook in surprise, and then uses the control panel to bring it to life. With a roar and a burst of steam, it charges the trio.


The Reconstructed Caribou is a caribou that has had its back legs, front right leg, part of its back half, and a part of its head completely replaced with mechanical counterparts. Steam seems to be coming out of its antler.


It occasionally lets off bursts of steam, and will promptly go beserk on the next turn, dealing relatively high damage at this point in the game. It can also charge and stab with its horns, and may waste turns kicking the ground.

Duster's Wall Staples are useful in preventing this and buying turns for the party to attack. Flint's stat-boosting skills should be used while the Caribou is immobilized.

After its defeat, it simply disappears, and the two Pigmasks flee, allowing the party to obtain the Notebook.

His battle sound is Battle Sound 2 which falls under Code Numbers 442 for regular attack, 443 for Smaaaash! and 444 for Miss.

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