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Ragtime Osohe
MOTHER 3- Ragtime Osohe00:39

MOTHER 3- Ragtime Osohe

Sound Player number 85
Code number 6

"♪ Even if you forget the small moles on my back and inner thigh ♪ ♪ I'll never forget you ♪ ♪ In my lonely room, your wig weeps ♪ ♪ Baby, believe me when I say don't attach anything to the walls of this room ♪ ♪ Like moles or wigs or wall staples ♪ ♪ Ooh~ ooh~ oooooh~ ♪ ♪ No~ wall~ staples~ ♪"

— Ghost playing Ragtime Osohe on the piano

"♪ Even if you forget the small poles on my vacuum dinner pie~ ♪ ♪ Hmm~ hmmm~ hmm-hmmmm~ ♪ ♪ Like coals or pigs or tall maples ♪ ♪ Boo~ boo~ booooo~ ♪ ♪ No~ tall~ maples~ ♪"

— Ghost misquoting Ragtime Osohe in the kitchen

Ragtime Osohe is a song in Mother 3 that plays inside the Osohe Ghosts' rooms in Osohe Castle before it is under siege by the Pigmask Army. It shares a melody with Monkey's Delivery Service.

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