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Status Boss
Hit points 1000
Psychic points 0
Offense 300
Defense 600
Fight 100
Speed 100
Wisdom 40
Strength 100
Force 100
Experience reward 205
Wealth 71
Vulnerable to Tank
Location Yucca Desert

R7037 is a robot in Mother that Ninten's party encounters in the Yucca Desert, when it is sent by Giygas to prevent Ninten and friends from acquiring the rest of the Eight Melodies. It's an optional boss that guards the way to the Monkey caves. Under normal circumstances, it can, and will, kill a party member in one hit. However, before it is fought, Ninten and friends can gain access to a tank, which can deflect R7037's attacks and is the only way to defeat it. After you defeat it, the tank breaks and can no longer be used. Later in the game, an upgraded version named R7038, and even later, R7038XX are encountered.

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