In-Battle Pyrefly
Sprites Overworld Pyrefly
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Common
Level 37
Hit points 302
Psychic points 0
Offense 108
Defense 50
IQ 30
Speed 60
Experience reward 544
Wealth 163 DP
Drops Alarm Cicada (10%)
Vulnerable to PK Freeze


Location Fire Mountain
In-battle theme More Troublesome Guys
"Lives of magma flowing from volcanoes. Its blood reaches temperatures over 1500 degress."
— Battle Memory

Pyreflies are encountered in Fire Mountain in Chapter 7 of Mother 3. They are the successor to ordinary Fireflies. They can ram into Lucas and his party, and breathe fire at will. They look like Fireflies encountered in Chapter 1 and the Debug Room, but they seem more plump, and they appear red with yellow eyes.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 25, a battle sound used exclusively by him and Firefly which falls under Code Numbers 511 for regular attack, 512 for Smaaaash! and 513 for Miss.

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