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The Punishizer is an item used in Mother 3.


The Punishizer is a remote control connected to a shock collar that Salsa is forced to wear by Fassad. This ensures that he obeys the Pigmask commander's orders, and he abuses this authority almost every opportunity he gets.

For the duration of the third chapter, Salsa will be shocked if he fails to obey a specific command (e.g. performing the Osohe Dance) or else attempts to escape (usually signifying that the player is going 'off-course'). Fassad also shocks Salsa for not completing tasks fast enough, and often for no reason at all.

Once Kumatora and Wess free Salsa and swipe the Punishizer, Salsa destroys the device, receiving one last accidental shock in the process.

In BattleEdit

While traveling with Fassad, if Salsa gains a status ailment in battle, Fassad may activate the Punishizer, restoring the monkey to normal at the "cost" of a few HP.

Fassad may also waste turns by turning the Punishizer "on".

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