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Sprites Psedoor ClosedPseudoor
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Level 16
Hit points 215
Psychic points 0
Offense 58
Defense 27
IQ 12
Speed 18
Experience reward 76
Wealth 0
Drops Fresh Mint 15%
Vulnerable to Crying, PK Fire, bombs
Location Third floor of Osohe Castle, just before Mr. Passion
In-battle theme More Cumbersome Guys
"Its a trap! Luckily it will shut up after a few hits. After that, use your tickle stick to close this door for good. Drops Fresh Mint (15%)."
Mother 3 Guidebook

The Pseudoor is an enemy in Mother 3. They can be encountered on the third floor of Osohe Castle in Chapter 2, and disguise themselves as the castle's doors, attacking when Duster tries to open them. Its name is a portmanteau of pseudo and door, naturally meaning "fake door".

Despite their appearance, their are subtle differences between Pseudoors and normal doors: they have a fairly noticeable black stripe under them, while normal doors do not. Also, Duster can simply check his map to determine if the door is real.


The Pseudoor's standard attack is moderately powerful, and can KO Duster in a few turns if not healed properly. Pseudoors may also throw up at Duster and render him nauseous, making Fresh Mints useful during Pseudoor encounters. The Pseudoor may also close its doors to increase its defense, changing to its "back sprite" form.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 14 which falls under Code Numbers 478 for regular attack, 479 for Smaaaash! and 480 for Miss. It is the only enemy (excluding the unused Electric Catfish) to have this battle sound.

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