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Porky's Porkies
MOTHER 3- Porky's Porkies01:41

MOTHER 3- Porky's Porkies

Sound Player number 240
Code number 405
Heartbeat code number 1795
Tempo 144 BPM
Other tempo 130 BPM for 3 beats at 0:29
Enemies Mecha-Porky

Porky's Porkies is a battle theme in Mother 3. It's solely heard when battling against the group of Mecha-Porkies. This sounds like a remix between LOG-O-TYPE and Mr. Batty Twist in an 8-bit rendition. The rhythm is basically linear, except when the second half of the Mr. Batty Twist part starts (at 0:29), which is slightly slower.

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