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Pork Tank
Pork Tank Pork Tank 2
Sprites Overworld Pork Tank
Affiliations Pigmask Army
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Boss
Nom de guerre Pig Tank, Piggy Tank (informal)
Level 15
Hit points 1782
Psychic points 0
Offense 74
Defense 21
IQ 12
Speed 10
Experience reward 624
Wealth 0 DP
Drops None
Vulnerable to PK Thunder, Monkey Mimic
Location Sunshine Forest (as a boss and blockade), Osohe Castle, Underground Tunnel, Tazmily Village, Clayman Factory (as a blockade)
In-battle theme Audacious March
"This Pigmask weapon raises an awful racket and belches black exhaust fumes without remorse."
Battle Memory

The Pork Tank is a weapon used frequently by the Pigmask Army in Mother 3. They are the subject of more than a few arguments among some of the soldiers, usually as a result of them crashing into each other and inadvertently blocking roads.


In Chapter 2, they are first seen outside the entrance of Osohe Castle while Duster and Wess search for the Egg of Light; two Pigmask Captains manage to collide their Pork Tanks on the drawbridge, and only move after Fassad yells at them.

In Chapter 3, several are found in the Sunshine Forest, where, under Fassad's orders, the Pigmasks were pursuing Kumatora, Salsa, and Wess. These tanks obstruct their escape route until one is ordered to attack them, serving as the chapter's final boss.

After the battle, more Pigmasks and Pork Tanks come as reinforcements. Lucas, however, arrives with the baby Drago to crush the tanks and send the Pigmasks and Fassad flying. One manages to gets out of their tank and flee before its tank could get crushed.

Later in the game, two Pigmask Captains again get stuck outside the entrance of the Clayman Factory closest to Thunder Tower. This time, the Pigmasks piloting the tanks will argue forever.


In the first part of the boss battle, the Pork Tank is at its most dangerous, able to fire its cannon, charge forward, and run over the party. It will also discharge exhaust fumes that can make the whole party cry.

The second phase starts when the Pork Tank has less than 1100 HP; it rumbles and breaks down, spewing black smoke and changing its in-battle sprite to its ruined version with the charred Pigmask peering out. In this phase, the Pork Tank's only form of offense involves the Pigmask throwing a cannonball to cause minor damage to a single target; all turns not used for this are wasted in various ways, including rattling and shaking, the Pigmask complaining, and attempting to fire the cannon, which is permanently jammed.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 60, a battle sound used only by large bosses, which falls under Code Numbers 939 for regular attack, 940 for Smaaaash! and 941 for Miss.


Pig tank cannonball mistake

Salsa mimicing Cannonball mistake in english patch

Pigtank cannonball mistake Japanese

Salsa mimicing Cannonball mistake in japanese

If Salsa uses Monkey Mimic when the broken Pork Tank throws a cannonball, the game will wrongly print that the Pigmask did it instead of Salsa.

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