Plague Rat of Doom
5 - Plague Rat of Doom
Kyodai Nezumi
Appears in EarthBound
Status Boss
Hit points 1827
Psychic points 60
Offense 71
Defense 180
Speed 19
Guts 250
Experience reward 115,272
Wealth $4464.00
Vulnerable to PSI Fire
Location Fourside Sewers
"The Plague Rat of Doom uses SMASH attacks frequently. Keep yourself healed up and in the fight. Use your top Fire and Flash PSI powers."
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Plague Rat of Doom is the guardian of the fifth "Your Sanctuary" location in EarthBound, and is located beneath the city of Fourside, deep in the sewers. In order to access these sewers, Ness must do the favor of getting an autograph from Venus for the Fourside Dinosaur Museum's curator, Mr. Spoon. This boss is not terribly difficult, though its high Guts stat means it has a high frequency of SMAAAASH!! attacks and its bites are occasionally poisonous. When defeated, the gang can finally visit Magnet Hill, as well as acquire the Carrot Key. It's recommended that you use Paralysis on it, so that it can't attack in the first place.

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