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Appears in EarthBound
Cost $48
Sells for $24
Heals 120 HP
Best Condiments Jar of delisauce
Jar of Hot Sauce
Dropped from Skate Punk (1/128 chance)
Mystical Record (2/128 chance)
Mostly Bad Fly (4/128 chance)
Found Monkey Cave (2)
Dungeon Man
Mach Pizza
Description When eaten, you recover about 120 HP.

Pizza is a HP-recovery item in EarthBound. It recovers roughly 120 HP, and can be bought for $48 and sold for $24. Mach Pizza sells both Pizzas and Large pizzas, and this item can also be found in the Monkey Cave and Dungeon Man. Skate Punks, Mystical Records, and Mostly Bad Flies can also drop Pizzas (1/128, 2/128, and 4/128 chances, respectively) once defeated.

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