"All the creatures around here suck. We need to make 'em cooler. So the theme will be Tougher! Rougher! Badder! We'll mix and match this and that to create whole new things no one's ever seen before! I dub it the "Fascinating Chimera Project". Let's reconstruct and modify stuff slowly and steadily."
— Text of the Pig Mark Notebook
Pig Mark Notebook
Pig Mark Notebook
Appears in Mother 3
Type Key Item
Dropped from Pigmask
Description A notebook with a pig-like symbol on it. The handwriting inside is terrible.

The Pig Mark Notebook is a Key Item in Mother 3. It is first found after Flint, Duster, and Boney defeat the newly created Reconstructed Caribou, when one of the two fleeing Pigmasks drops it. It is poorly handwritten, and the text inside implies that it was written by Porky Minch. Its text can be read at any time outside of battle.

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